Welcome to the home of BoxedIn Theatre.

At BoxedIn Theatre, we’re all about creating productions that are Immersive, Innovative, and Important, all while improving accessibility to top quality theatre. We’re interested in experimenting with new technology, and shaking up the way that audiences interact with live performance to create shows that are ultimately beautiful, positive, and striving to make the world a better place.

Like what you’re hearing? That’s great – we’re always looking for new people to work with on our up and coming projects. Have a look around, and if you like what you see, just drop us a line over on the ‘Get In Touch’ section with some info about yourself and the kind of work you do!


What we do

BoxedIn Theatre is centered around a few key ideas of what we think makes great theatre.

1. Theatre is Important.

2. Theatre is Positive.

3. Theatre is Immediate.

4. Theatre is Beautiful.

5. Theatre is changing.

For more information, head over to the ‘What We Do’ section of our website, where we discuss these ideas, and why we think they are essential to making great theatre!

What’s going on with us

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How we watch theatre

The National Theatre introduced live screenings of their productions in June 2009, an event which has prompted many a debate in the years that have followed. Our recent post about site specific theatre highlighted the importance of the location of a performance, and the controversy around live screenings centers on the fact that the performance …

What’s Coming Up

We’ve got lots of exciting projects coming up this year!

LOBES will be taking place this coming March, and we’ve already started work on our Back of the Van trilogy. For more information, just follow the links, or head on over to our Facebook page!