Interview with Anoushka Kohli and Bailey Fear

As LOBES goes up next week, we sat down with the stars of the show Anoushka Kohli and Bailey Fear to discuss their LOBES experience.

So, let’s start from the beginning, what made you audition for LOBES?

A: I’m not entirely sure why I auditioned for LOBES. It’s not like I knew Oli or Henry, I just sort of decided to go and do it because I was intrigued by the premise.   

B: I wanted to audition for LOBES because it sounded like such an interesting and different play to work on. Also the opportunity to work on such an original piece of student writing was really exciting.   

And now you’ve had time to get to know your characters, how would you describe them?    

A: Difficult. Not in that she is difficult as a person, I just think there are so many elements to her that are offset by completely opposing, contradicting characteristics. She’s very reliant and dependent on Y, but also deeply concerned with being independent. 

B:  Y is a dreamer. He wants to escape the banale everyday for a more creative life, which for him means being a writer. He’s a romantic who loves X deeply, but he struggles to understand her. This means that despite his best efforts he often ends up making situations worse.        


You’ve been working on the play since the end of last year, what’s been your favourite moment during this rehearsal process?  

A: Because this play has it’s very dark moments, I was worried that I’d be constantly feeling sad in rehearsal – that it would be a dense process, but the amount of laughter and silliness that goes on is astounding. We do a fair bit of mucking about. So I’d have to say my favourite moment is the early evening rehearsal when Oli, and then Bailey, successfully tried to convince me that the St andrews aquarium has meerkats because they’re aquatic. All lies.    

B: It’s hard to pick one favourite moment. I think for me it was working with such a talented group of people. Everyone involved in this play is incredible. It’s infectious and inspirational to constantly be surrounded by such talented and passionate people, and that has made this process something special.      


And what have you learnt from being involved in LOBES?   

A: That if you’re on stage for the entirety of a show, you need to know the person you are playing and the person you are acting with inside out and back to front. That’s all you have, you can’t just rely on being a good actor, it’s not enough.     

B:  I’ve learnt lot from being involved in LOBES. Potentially the stand out thing has been how to work with such a small group and not fall out. It sounds silly but we spent most days with each other in a small room working on a very intense and at times tricky play. Naturally problems and tensions increased at certain points, but learning how to work together and communicate effectively meant these moments were few and far between and we are still all really good friends.     

You seem to all have had a good time working on LOBES, do you have a favourite scene or quote?   

A: My favourite scene is the poem scene. It’s just so wholesome and real. When the person you love shares something with you that you really dislike and you have to find the kindest, but also the most helpful, words you can possibly find without causing an argument. I like how much we walk the line in that scene.

B: For me the poetry scene in which Y reads his poem to X is a favourite. It’s such a beautifully written scene that feels so real and natural to act in.     


If you can, try and sum up what the play means to you in one word.   

A: Trust 

B: Different

Thank you very much to Anoushka and Bailey for taking the time to answer our questions. Tickets for LOBES are available on fixr, Tuesday is sold out, but there are still tickets available for Wednesday and Thursday. So get yours now!

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