BoxedIn Tours to America!

Lol April Fools Innit


Okay, so maybe we lied a little bit. We’re not going touring to America. Obviously. That would be mad.

BUT we ARE starting our crowdfunding campaign in just a couple of days – which we’re obviously really excited about. As well as being a collection of three really great shows, this project is going to explore ways of combating economic and geographic inaccessibility to theatre in the UK and beyond. We love live performance – we think it’s fun, engaging, and incredibly powerful, and so we think it should be accessible to everyone. Not just those with money to spare.

Hopefully, you guys think that’s a good idea as well – which is great! We’d really love any and all support you can give us, so if you’re as exited about the Back of the Van project as we are, so stay tuned for updates!

And of course, no crowdfunding project is complete without some kick-ass rewards.We know we’re not supposed to be releasing the funding page for a few days…but hey. We like you. And we’re pretty sure you can keep a secret. So here’s little sneak preview of what all the supporters of our Crowdfunding campaign can expect to see coming their way.


Just like last year, all our rewards are tiered, which means that every donation to help us on our way will receive not the tier you reach, but the prizes for every tier before it. That means that if you pledge £15, for example, you’ll qualify for the ‘Well Read’ reward tier, as well as ‘Musically Inclined’, ‘Karaoke Queen’, ‘Sitting Pretty’ and ‘A Good Egg’.

Literally any amount at all – A Good Egg

You’re just an all-round good egg aren’t you? Whether you donate a penny or a pound or a hundred pounds, we are so grateful that you want to support us and help bring this project to life. No matter how much you donate, we’ll include your name on our weekly shout-out list (going out every Saturday) that we’ll publicise across all out social media branches. So the whole world can know just how much of a good egg you are!

£5 – Sitting Pretty

A pretty reward is fitting for such a pretty soul. As well as being included in our weekly shout out, you qualify to receive our digital design pack, create by our very own Rowan Wishart (take a look at the image at the top of this page for an idea of just how much of a talented little bean she is). The pack includes Facebook cover photos, as well as a selection of laptop backgrounds and phone backgrounds – one for each of our three shows, and one for the tour as a whole. Just remember to leave your email when you donate, so we can get them to you!

£7.5 – Karaoke Queen

Sing-a-long time! You’ll be receiving our digital design pack, and of course, a shout out on our social media – and that’s not all. Play On – one of our three shows – is an original song-cycle created from some of the songs and poems in Shakespeare’s plays, and we’re going to be recording all the tracks before we head off on tour. This reward tier will get you digital copies of three of those songs, so you can listen to them at any time!

£10 – Musically Inclined

Go on, treat yourself. For JUST an extra £2.50, you’ll get access to all 8 of our tracks from the song cycle, plus the 2 bonus tracks that will be a part of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As well as everything else, of course. Which means you can have the whole Back Of the Van experience without even stepping outside!

£15 – Well Read

A purely academic choice, of course. With this tier you’ll not only be getting a shout out, our digital design pack and ALL of our songs – you’ll also be getting digital copies of our scripts for A Midsummer Night’s Dream and To The Ocean. Wanted to work out how on earth we’re performing A Midsummer Nights Dream, a play of 21 characters, with only 6 actors? Or maybe you want to hold on to the magic of To The Ocean after it’s been performed? Then this would be the tier for you!

£20 – DJ BOTV

Going retro – we like your style! We’re going to be printing a limited number of CDs with all 8 of our tracks as well as the 2 bonus tracks from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. So not only do you get everything from the other reward tiers, you also get a hard copy of all of our tracks, complete with album art, lovingly crafted by our very own Rowan Wishart.

£25 – You stay in touch now!

You’re so amazing – we absolutely have to stay in touch! With this reward tier, you qualify for 2 free tickets to any one of our shows in any one of our locations (usually valued at £5) – and that’s not all. We’ll be sending you three postcards, lovingly hand-signed by every member of the Back of the Van Team, from different locations while we’re away on tour – including one postcard with a photo of the whole team with the van! That way, we couldn’t possibly lose contact!

£30 – You name it

Wow. You’re so generous – at this point, you name it. Literally. Just so the whole world knows quite how important you are to us, we’re going to be printing your name in 20cm letters along the side of our van. Which means that you’ll be right there, by our side, for the whole project! We’re happy to take joint donations for this one – if you want to team up with some pals to get something written on the side of the van, that’s totally okay with us!

£40 – Fully Catered For

Hey big spender! You look like you deserve to have some proper care taken of you. We’d like to cordially invite you to join us for a meal in the back of the van – breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it’s totally up to you (although we do make a mean eggs benedict). We’ll meet you at an agreed time around any one of our performance locations, and treat you to a proper meal, Back of the Van style.

£50 – Road Trip!

You’re basically part of the crew at this point. So we want to give you the chance to experience what life in the van is really like. After we’ve treated you to a meal at your chosen time of the day, we’ll whisk you away to some local destination – ideally a beach, but we’re open to suggestions. Oh, and of course, ice cream is on us!


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