Tips and tricks for life on the road

Since we announced our plans for ‘Back of the Van’, we’ve been asked by many people how we’re going to handle living in the back of a van for two and a half months. And while we are very excited, and can brush these questions off with a simple ‘everything will be fine, we back ourselves 100%’, we are also aware that we’re taking on a challenge. So we did some research on how to stay sane on tour.   


Enjoy the journey    

Often long car (or van in our case) journeys can turn you into Donkey from Shrek as you’re constantly wondering ‘are we there yet?’ This is not, however, a great approach to have when you will be spending many a day on the road, as the negative energy will start to get you down. Sitting down is boring, there is no getting over that. But we won’t just be sitting, we’ll be travelling around some beautiful places with five of our friends. Taking time to look out the window, sing along to the radio, chat, and just enjoy each other’s company are some of the ways we’re going to make the journey a bit more exciting, and ensure we don’t get the back of the van blues.    

Have a DJ rota    

The ‘Back of the Van’ team love a good sing-song, but we do all have slightly different music tastes. To keep things interesting, and make sure we don’t get bored, we’re all going to take it in turns to have control over the radio. There will be a rota to minimise the potential for arguments and to ensure everyone has an equal amount of DJ time.      


First aid kit    

Now, while we may be spending a lot of time inside a van, we will also be performing outside, and visiting various towns and possibly occasionally entering their public houses. These activities may result in the need for plasters and paracetamol. In these incidences a first aid kit is a necessity, something that is often overlooked when packing for your summer holiday.  But we’re going to make sure our’s fully stocked, because it’s better to be safe than sorry!


Making sure we’re eating properly on tour will be a challenge due to our limited cooking space, and various dietary requirements that need to be accounted for (we have vegetarians and a vegan (gasp!)). But it is important we feed ourselves properly to make sure we have enough energy, and are getting enough vitamins ect so that we don’t get sick. But we need not fear because Oli is a masterchef, and has already begun to think about meals that we will be able to all enjoy together.     


Remember to enjoy every second  

Yes there will be some difficult times on tour, there’s no denying that. BUT, this is also going to be one of the best summers of our lives. We get to spend 2 and a half months with our friends, travelling to beautiful locations around the UK and Ireland, doing what we love, and bringing theatre to places that would not normally see it. So the most important thing for us to remember throughout this crazy adventure is to enjoy every second, because it will go by quicker than we think, and we’ll never have another experience like it ever again!   

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