Join our team today!

BoxedIn’s going on tour, but not just any tour, an INTERNATIONAL tour. From the 3rd June to the 19th August we’re travelling around the UK and Ireland to bring some pretty magical shows to some pretty magical places. This tour will take us to 17 different locations over the course of 3 months, and all 6 members of our team will be traveling around in the back of 1 van.  

As you can imagine, a tour on this scale is no small feat, and it comes at an equally sizeable cost. Which is why we’ve decided to dedicate the whole month of April to our crowdfunding campaign. We want YOU, yes you, to join our team and embark on this crazy adventure with us as we attempt to make theatre more accessible. But why would you want to be a part of this wacky idea? Well, we created a fun and informative video to explain our whole concept. 


So now you’re all informed and excited to join our team, I presume you want to know how you can go about doing that. Well, it’s quite simple really all we’re asking for is a donation, it doesn’t matter how big or small, anything you’re able to spare will be much appreciated! Just head on over to our JustGiving Page. We are so incredibly grateful for every single donation we receive, and to show that we’re giving a series of perks to people who donate. This is just our way of saying a massive thank you to all of you who decide to donate, because it means so much to us to know that people are as passionate about making theatre accessible as we are!     


In addition, we’re also hosting a range of fundraising events over the next couple of weeks. This Wednesday (18th) we’re kicking everything off with a fundraising favourite, a bake sale! Head on over to the library between 12 and 6 to get yourself a tasty treat! Then on Friday (20th) we’re taking things up a gear, come and join us for some drinks. We’re starting at the Whey Pat, but who knows where the night will take us! After that we’ll all be in need of a bit of time to chill, so we’re hosting a film night on the 23rd. We’ll be screening ‘Get over it’, the not-as-widely-known-as-it-should-be adaptation of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ set in a high school. Oh did we mention it also contains some very catchy musical numbers, what’s not to love? ‘To the Ocean’ is based on the folk story of a Selkie, and we live in St Andrews, so obviously we had to go down to the beach at some point. On Wednesday 25th, we’re heading on over to East Sands to set up a bonfire. There’ll be songs, snacks, and hopefully you too!! And finally, to wrap up our crowdfunding month, on Saturday 28th April we will be holding our very own summer fete in Lade Braes Park. Come and help us start summer a little bit early, with some fun for all the family! All the details for our fundraising events can be found on our Facebook page.    


We would like to take this time to say thank you to everyone who has already joined the team and shown their support! And we can’t wait to welcome the rest of you to our team, don’t forget to head on over to our JustGiving page if you want to join! Make sure you’re following us on  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date with everything BoxedIn! 

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