The Global Water and Sanitation Crisis

We’ve been telling you all about the amazing work that Clean Water Wave does this week, so now it’s time to enrich your water knowledge to help us all understand quite how significant their work is. Partnering with these guys has dramatically opened our eyes to the global water and sanitation crisis, and we hope that you guys feel as inspired and passionate about CWW’s work after reading this as we do!    


These are just some of the shocking facts we have learnt: 

Now those are some pretty shocking statistics …   


And it’s pretty evident that there is a global clean water and sanitation crisis. 

Now, stats like that can awaken a natural instinct to do something, to act and make a difference. There is just one problem in this noble response, the majority of us do not possess the knowledge, skills, expertise, or resources to actually do anything ourselves.  

There are, however, some people who do not have these obstacles to overcome, and they include our friends at Clean Water Wave! Their CAFE (Clean Aqua For Everyone) water filter systems are long lasting, durable, and sustainable systems which deliver clean drinking water to rural and peri-urban communities across Asia and Africa. We’ve spoken before about how in awe we are of the work that these guys do. But when we place their work in the context of the clean water and sanitation crisis, we can see how through working with such a great organisation we are able to do something which can really, truly make positive, life-changing impacts in people’s lives.   



Clean water is something that we are all, at some point, guilty of taking for granted. To live under the constant pressure of not having regular and easy access to water must be an unimaginable stress. And it’s horrifically unjust that in a global society where a select few have so much that so many people are denied basic resources they need to survive. Which is why we’re so passionate and excited about working with CWW as they can truly make a difference! 

If you want to do you bit to tackle the water and sanitation crisis, then head over to Clean Water Wave’s website to find out more about the organisation and what you can do to support their life-changing work. 


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