Our Top Hacks For The Edinburgh Fringe

It’s now less than 2 weeks until the start of The Fringe, and it’s safe to say we’re all very excited! 

However, The Fringe can be intense, and especially if you’re there for the whole month you can start to lose your grip on reality. So we thought we’d help you out and prevent that from happening with our own list of tips/tricks/hacks, whatever you’d like to call them, for how to make the most of The Fringe and ensure you enjoy every second.  

Firstly, let’s start with the most important question ‘What shows should I see?’   


Well, these are our top tips:

  • Don’t go to The Fringe and just see the big names.
  • Try and find something a bit different. 
  • If you’re stuck for ideas and overwhelmed by the huge range of shows on offer you could: – Ask people for recommendations  OR – Use the Fringe’s Imagination Machine which will generate 3 random show suggestions complete with mini previews.  
  • See something that you would never normally choose – you never know you might just be pleasantly surprised! 
  • While you should definitely make sure you plan to see the shows you really want to see, also don’t be afraid to take a day just to wander around the city and go and see things spontaneously. 

That’s great, now I have my list of shows I want to see, but ‘how can I save my money for these shows?’    


Well firstly:  

  • Prepare for the expense – You can do The Fringe on the cheap. There are plenty of fab Free Fringe Shows and you can save your paid shows for the ones you really want to see. However, you should go into this with your eyes wide open. Everything costs more than you thought you would. The Fringe is great, but also expensive.   

It’s not all doom and gloom however, there are ways to save those pennies!: 

  • Eat in rather than going out for every meal. 
  • Notes for participants: 1. Some bars and clubs will give you a fringe card. Revs did one one year and it gave you £1 shots (what a bargain!). 2. Get a participant’s pass from Fringe Central at Appleton Tower. This is a Free Fringe branded lanyard that allows you access to the Fringe Central Networking and other events. (Additional FYI: Lots of people around the city will give you discounts if you’re wearing it).   

That’s fab! But what else can I do to make my Fringe experience the best it possibly can be? Funny you should ask! Here you go!   


Miscellaneous tips on how to have a good Fringe: 

  • DO NOT BE AFRAID to go to shows on your. It’s not weird, it’s not awkward, and why should you miss out just because none of your friends want to go with you
  • Pack light, and make sure all your things are well organised. You’re going to be living out of your suitcase for a month, so you’re not going to want too much washing but you also want to ensure you will be able to find all your belongings!
  • Make sure you give yourself time to get from one show to another. You don’t want to have to run through the streets of Edinburgh, it’s not pleasant! 
  • Be nice to flyerers – they have a tough job, and you can always recycle their flyers after you’ve taken them! 
  • Always have a raincoat on you – Edinburgh weather is temperamental at best. 
  • Don’t be afraid to carve out time for yourself. The Fringe is a lot, and you will be surrounded by people constantly. While this is lovely for the most part, there is nothing wrong with needing to have a bit of ‘me time’ to replenish your inner introvert.   

There you go, everything we think you need to know about how to survive and thrive at The Fringe! We can’t wait to see you at The Greenhouse in less than two weeks!!!




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