The ‘Back of the Van’ Trilogy

We still think that geographical and economic accessibility to theatre and live performance is a big problem. So we’re setting out to combat that. Again.

You see, the thing with theatre is that’s it’s not particulalry accessible. The average price of a theatre ticket in the UK is just under £25,while over half of all performances in the UK each year take place in London. We think that’s a real problem, and we’re setting out to fix it.

So we’re going to be sleeping, eating, and performing out of a van for three months.

What could possibly go wrong?

That way, we can reach people that most theatre companies simply avoid – and contained within all that, tickets to our shows are capped at a fiver, with 1/4 of all performances being pay what you want. If you want to find out more about the idea, the plan, or the shows themselves, then just follow these links!

If that’s something you believe in, then Crowdfunding for this project has already begun! Please consider heading over to our just giving page to support this project, so that we can really show the world that it’s time for a change!