Memory. What I remember of conversations.

“Boxed In Theatre Company is offering us something entirely different, once again” – The Saint.

“an attention to detail distinctly uncommon” – Owl Eyes.

“I remember moods and feelings. I remember everything and nothing, like one big mosaic that lasts a lifetime and doesn’t even exist. I remember us talking. You holding me. Me saying I was sorry. I remember you leaving.”

There are two sides to life. What happens, and what you remember. The question is, which is more real.

In this deeply moving two-hander, Henry Roberts explores the relationship between memory and depression through vignettes of a relationship, following a couple through their minds and memories, and searching for that line between memory and reality.

Straight out of their smash-hit tour around England, BoxedIn Theatre presents LOBES, a show about memory, depression, and how we fall in love.

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