Who we are

Say hello to the core team behind BoxedIn Theatre!

We’re always looking for more people to work with in upcoming projects, so if you’re interested in getting involved, please please please get in touch with some info about yourself and what kind of position you’re looking for.

Oli Savage (He/him) – Artistic Director

Oli Headshot

Oli is an emerging director with a passion for social activism. He believes that theatre has a crucial ability to help people connect with issues that often seem to big to fathom on an emotional level. He is currently exploring how we can use theatre to combat the biggest challenge of our time – the climate crisis – and is also the artistic director of The Greenhouse, the UK’s first ever zero-waste performance space. His style of directing is deeply democratic, removing the barrier between the audience and the world of the show to spark discussion and inspire action. When he’s not directing, he likes being outside, reading, and discussing the finer points of urban transit.

His credits include: Artistic Director – ‘The Greenhouse Theatre’ 2018 – present; Artistic Director – ‘BlackBox Devised Theatre Company’ 2017 – 2019; Co-Artistic Director – ‘SAND Company’ 2017 – 2019; Resident Director Autumn 2016 – ‘BlackBox Devised Theatre Company’; Director – ‘Swallows (The Greenhouse)’ 2019; Co-Director – ‘The Voices we Hear (The Greenhouse)’ 2019; Director – ‘The March’ 2019; Director – ‘Back of the Van Triogy’ 2018; Director – ‘LOBES’ 2018; Director – ‘To the Ocean’ 2017; Director – ‘WOOD’ 2017; Director – ‘R + J’ 2017; Co-Director – ‘Sonnets and Soliloquies’ 2016; 

Emily Hepher (She/Her) – Executive Director

Emily Headshot

Emily is an emerging producer who is passionate about the power of theatre to make a world the better place. She especially loves the sense of community that theatre creates, both within and without a production, and is interested in exploring how this shapes the way we think about the work. She loves a good murder mystery and going to see shows in unsusual places.

Her credits include: Executive Director and Venue Manager – ‘The Greenhouse Theatre’ 2019; Producer – ‘Swallows (The Greenhouse)’ 2019; Producer – ‘LOBES’ 2018; SM – ‘WOOD’ 2017; SM – ‘R+J’ 2017; SM – ‘Hedda Gabler’ 2017; SM – ‘Tis Pity she’s a Whore’ 2016 – Edinburgh Fringe; SM – ‘View from the Bridge’ 2016.

Sarah Chamberlain (She/Her) – Head of Production and Access

Sarah is a producer and actress who has developed a drive for making theatre open and exciting to all. She believes that theatre is often considered a closed off art form and she wants to show people that this isn’t always true — she enjoys working on projects that challenge her and the audience. When her hands aren’t full with all of that, she is a member of a number of choirs, and tries to get to the seaside as often as she can.

Her credits include: Assistant Producer – ‘Childish’ – 2019; Assistant Producer – ‘Dora Versus Picasso’ – 2019; Head of Production and Access – ‘The Greenhouse Theatre’ 2019; Producer – ‘Macbeth’ 2019; Producer – ‘Twelfth Night’ 2017; Producer and Tour Manager – ‘WOOD’ 2017; Producer- ‘R+J’ 2017; Producer – ‘Sonnets and Soliloquies’ 2016;