Who we are

Say hello to the core team behind BoxedIn Theatre!

We’re always looking for more people to work with in upcoming projects, so if you’re interested in getting involved, please please please get in touch with some info about yourself and what kind of position you’re looking for.

Oli Savage – Artistic Director

Oli Headshot

Oli has been involved in theatre from a very young age, and has been developing his directing skills particularly over the last few years. Oli believes that theatre is an essential medium for communicating all sorts of messages, but that it needs to heavily adapt itself in order to stay essential in the coming decades. He is especially interested in Immersive Theatre, and how new technology can be employed in the world of Theatre.

His credits include: Director – “WOOD” 2017; Co-Artistic-Director – “SAND Company” 2017; Director – “R + J” 2017; Artistic-Director – “BlackBox Devised Theatre Company” 2017; Season Director Autumn 2016 – “BlackBox Devised Theatre Company”; Co-Director – “Sonnets and Soliloquies” 2016;  Director – “One for the Road” 2015.

Sarah Chamberlain – Executive Producer

Sarah Headshot

Sarah’s acting pursuits range from classical to operatic leads, but having arrived at university, she decided to branch out and try producing. There is no doubt that that’s gone exceptionally well for her, but unfortunately, she is soon to be leaving us in order to pursue acting further. She will be sorely missed.

Some producing credits include: Producer – “WOOD” 2017; Producer – “Romeo and Juliet” 2017; Producer – “Blood Brothers” 2016; Producer – “Sonnets and Soliloquies” 2016; Producer “Homemade Fusion” 2016.

Emily Hepher – Stage Manager

Emily Headshot

Emily has discovered theatre since coming to university, working hard backstage on over 15 shows in just a year. She loves the team work involved in putting together a show, and the incredible bonds you create along the way.

Her credits include: SM – “WOOD” 2017; SM – “R+J” 2017; SM – “Hedda Gabler” 2017; SM – “‘Tis Pity she’s a Whore” 2016 – Edinburgh Fringe; SM – “View from the Bridge”, 2016.