How we do it

Okay, and how exactly do you plan on doing this?

We’re so glad you asked. We implement our ideas and approaches through three key practices.

Site Specific Theatre

Site specific theatre is a form of immersive theatre that deeply connects shows to the space in which they are being performed. This idea is still quite young, and exactly how it works is still being discovered, but our main focus is to not hide behind the walls of theatres. Rather, we are bringing our shows to new people and new audiences, seeking excited performances spaces that either form part of people’s everyday lives, or have something unique to add to the piece that we’re presenting.


People who don’t live near theatres don’t get to see great shows – which we think is unfair. Our specific brand of guerrilla theatre aims to rectify that by creating high-quality performances that are innovative, immersive, and important, while being light enough to tour to literally anywhere – which means we can reach people in some pretty far off locations! We can set up anywhere with sufficient space in a matter of minutes – including chairs, a stage, and an awning in case of adverse weather.

Ticket Price caps

The average price of a theatre ticket in the UK is £24.71. Of course, that means that going to the theatre is a luxury many people can’t afford. We want to eliminate that barrier, so we’ve capped our ticket price for this tour at £7, meaning we will never charge more than £7 for a ticket, and will often charge less. We’ll also be holding one ‘suggested donation’ performance at each location, where audiences can see our shows for free with the opportunity to donate afterwards.