List of Truly Awesome People

Our Thank-You List



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What you’re looking at below is a concise list of all the best people in the world. These people have offered their money, their loved ones, and even their lives to support BoxedIn Theatre – we remain hugely grateful to everyone here.

Emma Gylling Mortensen
Marie-Pierre ROY
Katie Holden
Jason Gallant
Adam Volman
Sarah Koh
John Roberts
Alexandra Andrei
Catherine Potter
Marie-Ange Rodeaud-Fière
Tiffany Black
William Costello
Miles Hurley
Sam & Jack
Rowan Wishart
Sandra Lerman
Harvey Whitaker
Chloe Richardson
Linda Nathan
Myrna Young
Catherine Thines
Gerard Dislaire
Carol and Ken Savage
Tim Hepher
Benjamin Osugo
Catriona Scott
Annabel Ekelund
Thomas Gilligan
Isaac Hyman
Andrea Benkovics
Louis Catliff
Alison Thomas

Isabelle Duff