The Greenhouse 2019

“With cushioned chairs placed in the round and natural light coming through the roof, the Greenhouse feels welcoming.” Edinburgh Festival’s Top 5 New Venues – The Stage

“Visiting The Greenhouse was never anything but a pleasure.” Best of the Fest (Best Venue) – Theatre Weekly

“A transept divides the space in two halves, transforming it into the central aisle of a wooden cathedral.” – All Edinburgh Theatre

Auditions for The Greenhouse 2020 are now open! Head to the official website for more information about how you can get involved!

The Greenhouse 2019 was the UK’s first ever zero-waste performance space. Built entirely from found and recycled materials, the project harnessed the power of theatre and storytelling to build individual emotional connections with the immediate natural environment. In doing that, we transformed the climate crisis from something unfathomable to something that everyone could see, feel, and ultimately affect. The project empowered individuals, helping them to realise that even tiny actions on their part can have a huge impact in mitigating the climate crisis.

The Greenhouse lives on this year! You can find more information about The Greenhouse 2020, and the project in general, on its website here. You’ll also be able to find more information about The Greenhouse 2019 – or take a look below for information about all the shows that the venue housed, including images and press quotes.


From the Wind
The Voices we Hear

The Earth Untold
Daphne, or Hellfire
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