From the Wind

No too long ago, there were still communities on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland that were without electricity at all. Not that they minded it, of course, it was the way it was. But all of that has changed over the last few years – harnessing the breathtaking power of the wind on the Scottish Islands, Lewis is now making enough energy for themselves – and for plenty more besides!

From The Wind was a verbatim piece, examining Scotland’s relationship with renewable energy. Taking a microscope to the communities that it effects and benefits the most, it explored funding, development, and the very human in this discussion. With a focus on the recent projects on Fair Isle and the Isle of Lewis, it was a whimsical piece explaining the unbridled potential that comes with renewable energy in Scotland.

Annie McKay – Isi Webb-JenkinsDirector – Elliot Douglas
Helen Campbell – Isabella SheridanAssistant Director – Mia Ferraiolo
Donald Balfour – Daniel HeidlandWriter – Eilidh Mackinnon
Brian McLeod – Juliet BoobbyerProducer – Lara Williams