The Greenhouse

This summer, we’re going green. And we’d really like you to join us.

The Greenhouse is a purpose-built, immersive venue at the Edinburgh Fringe for 30 audience members. Built entirely from found and recycled materials, The Greenhouse will host 9 shows every day, as well as an educational programme of talks and workshops, all centered around our relationship with the environment.

The Shows

“Tell us about your awesome shows,” we hear you cry! Well, they’re still in development, and we don’t want to give to much away. But we can tell you this much – they’re going to be great, and they cover a whole range of different topics and genres. From Eco-feminism to individual connections with local nature, there are a lot of ideas being thrown around. And with a dance show, a musical, some verbatim theatre, family shows, as well as straight drama, there’s going to be something for everyone!

Zero Waste

Let’s face it. The Edinburgh Fringe is pretty wasteful. And we hate that. At BoxedIn, we don’t see why great theatre has to generate so much waste, so with this project, we won’t be. We’ll be making the same top quality shows that you’ve come to expect from BoxedIn, but we’ll be taking a zero-waste policy. That means all our set, props, and the venue itself will be build from found and recycled materials. After the project is finished, these materials will be recycled themselves, or donated to artists who will use them for their work. This policy extends to our marketing as well – so much of the waste generated comes from posters and flyers. We’ll be having none of that, instead using a more digital approach.

Education and Access

Of course, we’re still pursuing our focus on education and access. Alongside this project, we’ll be running a series of workshops and talks that will allow anyone – theatre makers or not – to engage with our project. From creative explorations of work being performed in the space to discussions about the difficulties of making theatre sustainable, there will be topics from across the whole project. And of course, all our workshops are free.

In terms of access, we’re maintaining our ticket-price-cap promise. All tickets will cost £5, and we’ll also be offering ticket deals for people who want to see more than one show (details to be confirmed). We are also working hard to achieve level two in the Ed Fringe Venue Access Award.