The Shows

Of course, within all that, we’ve actually taking a trilogy of shows with us to perform. And we’re pretty excited about them! Check out our Facebook page and our blog for information about our progress, or take a look below for some more information about the individual shows.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Welcome to a Midsummer Night’s Dream…but not like you’ve seen it before. Taking inspiration from the summer fetes that take place across the villages and towns of the UK and Ireland, but with the fairy world taking control. So basically, a summer fete on acid.

Filled with music, magic, and outrageous mischief, join us for weird and wonderful romp through one of Shakespeare’s most popular pieces. And don’t be afraid to sing along if you know the words!

To the Ocean


“Magic isn’t real. That’s the first thing that you should know – and if the choice to begin our fairy story in this way is a bit shocking to you, that’s because. Well. This isn’t like any other fairy story you’ve heard before.”

BoxedIn invite you in to a world of family, freedom, and fairy tales in this uniquely modern taken on the fairy-tale genre. Inspired by the Selkie myth, join us on one young girls journey through a family ripped apart, and her need to piece it all back together.

Because okay, maybe magic isn’t real. But the world is still a pretty magical place.

For more information about this show, check out its page on our website!

Play On


Shakespeare filled his plays with music. The tragedy, of course, is that all the old fogies get to use this as just another way of rooting the Bard firmly in the past. Well we say NO MORE! Play On is a collection of Shakespeare’s songs and poems set to music, taking inspiration from indie and folk bands of today, and mainly aiming to have a bit of fun.

We’ll be performing wherever we get the chance – on street corners, in pubs, and perhaps even out the back of the van! So come along if you get the chance for a thoroughly pleasant hour of some of Shakespeare’s songs – with yet another thoroughly modern twist.