What we do

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Why certainly! BoxedIn Theatre are an emerging theatre company that are all about three things: making shows that are immersive, innovative, and important. If you care to read on, we’ll explain exactly what that means.


One of the most amazing things about theatre is its immediacy, and we think that the best way to harness that is through creating immersive theatre. For us, immersive means bringing the audience in to the world of the show – which can be anything from a fully promenade performance that explores agency and the theatrical structure (R + J) to sitting the audience on a camp-site while the action unfolds (WOOD). Regardless of the form it takes, our key goal is to experiment with how immersive theatre works, and how it can help us to connect with our audiences.


Of course, every theatre company aims to be innovative. But we aim to be MORE innovative. So there’s that. Ticket sales for theatres across the world have declines over the last two decades, which means it’s about time someone took a stand and shook things up a bit. Hence the innovation. Specifically, we’re aiming to innovate in three key areas: Immersive Theatre, New Technology, and Hyper-Realism. As we’ve already discussed, we want to explore immersive theatre so that we can harness its potential to really connect with individual audience members. We also want to experiment with new technology such as Indoor Positioning Systems and Augmented Reality to discover how they can augment the audience experience. Finally, we hope to harness the power of hyper-realism both in acting and design to create shows that are both slick and strikingly beautiful. Like life, but with the volume turned up.


We think theatre itself is very important. So it stands to reason that the theatre we make should be important too. At BoxedIn, we believe that the message of a production should always come first – and we always establish that message early on in the rehearsal process, so we can discuss it in a clear and concise way. We do genuinely believe that theatre has an incredible power to change people, and even to change the world, if it’s used right. And we one-hundred-percent intend to use it right. Because otherwise, we’d kind of just be screaming in to the void.