What we do

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Why certainly! BoxedIn Theatre are an emerging theatre company that are all about three things: making shows that are immersive, innovative, and important. If you care to read on, we’ll explain exactly what that means.


The world is changing, so theatre has to change too. Some people see that as problem, we see it as a challenge. We try to innovate through site-specific techniques, bringing shows to unusual spaces and remote locations. From warehouses to camp-sites, we actively seek out new audiences, and believe it’s easier to engage with them if we present something a little bit different. However, we’re also interested in the cross-over between new technology like Indoor Positioning Systems or Virtual Reality and live performance.


Making ‘immersive’ theatre means bringing the audience in to the world of a show through set, sound, costume, and pretty much anything else we have at out finger tips. We do everything we can to make the audience feel like they’re actually living in the performance, because we believe that deepens our connection with them and improves the overall experience.


There is a reason that theatre has existed almost as long as humans have – it’s important. It has the unique power to foster real-time connections, and change things for the better one person at a time. We want to live up to that expectation, creating shows that are socially conscious and strive to make the world a better place. And to clarify, that means that it’s important to everyone, not just those that can afford to pay lots of money or live near some amazing theatres. Which is why a lot of the work we do aims to combat economic and geographic in-accessibility to theatre.