Why we do it

So…like…why on earth are you doing this?

A very astute question, if I do say so myself. At BoxedIn, we focus on creating theatre that is immersive, innovative and important. Here are our 5 key reasons why.

1. Theatre should be accessible.

At BoxedIn Theatre, we think that theatre has the power to change the world for the better, one person at a time. But unfortunately, there remains an elitism surrounding theatre: tickets are incredibly expensive, and shows rarely venture outside cities on tours, creating geographic and economic inequality in who can access top quality performances. We hate that. Our approach to theatre focuses on breaking these barriers, making shows that are new, exciting, and that engage with new audiences.

2. Theatre is Positive.

We think that the world is a dark enough place without us making it darker. But that doesn’t mean that we shy away from theatre that is sad or emotionally challenging – rather, it means that we are always looking for the positive message. A show might take you in to the darkest pits you’ve ever visited, but it should also kind enough to show you the way out again.

3. Theatre is Immediate.

The inherent mechanism of theatre – a living, breathing human being performing for an audience of other living, breathing human beings – is often swept under the rug as basics. But we think it’s incredibly important. The fact that the audience are responding in real time to real people gives theatre it’s massive potential for making connections with people, changing hearts and minds. That’s why we love immersive theatre so much – it’s a brilliant way to emphasise theatre’s immediacy, by bringing the audience even closer (physically and emotionally) to the performers.

4. Theatre is Beautiful.

There is something inherently beautiful about a person bearing their heart and soul to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of other people. And we don’t just mean the actors. We mean the sound designers, the set builders, the costumers – everyone that is involved in a theatrical production. And we want to make the fabulous people we work with proud. We’re huge fans of the Hyper-Realist style of theatre, because we think it’s stunningly beautiful, so it makes for the most interesting productions.

5. Theatre is Changing.

Or rather, the world is changing, so theatre should probably try to keep it up with it. Not only do we live in turbulent times politically, but new technology continues to develop exponentially. Rather than shying away from this, we want to tackle it head on, engaging with the most up to date technology and the most current issues in order to make truly innovative shows. Because that’s the only way to make sure that theatre stays relevant. Plus, it’s also a lot of fun.

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