WOOD – Summer Tour 2017

I guess you planned to have fun on your spring break.

“Deep, and quite genius” – Almost Alternative

“I felt I was under the microscope slightly and my views were a surprise to me. This play helps you to highlight your own prejudices – like great theatre, it is as much about you as it is about the story.” – Planet Nation

“A clever performance, and unlike anything I’d been a part of before.” – Canal Street Magazine

Come back to uni relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on the rest of the semester. Only this morning, you woke up to find your friend lying dead in the middle of your campsite. Right on top of where the fire used to be. It must have hurt, falling like that – you can see the front of his shirt is burnt on the embers.

Last summer, BoxedIn Theatre were welcoming audiences right on to the camp-site in their semi-immersive production of WOOD, a piece of new writing by Oli Savage, our own artistic director. Following a group of students as they work out what to do with a dead body, this explosive piece of new writing explored gender, sexuality, and what to expect when you go camping.

For more information about the show, including a full list of the cast and crew, press releases, and a list of dates, please head over to the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website.

Below are a selection of photos from our tour of WOOD, in the summer of 2017.

For more information, more photos, or to request copies of individual photos, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Photographs Copyright of Andy Russell and ar-photos.co.uk/events/wood-boxedin-theatre/


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